Two Jobs Was Just Too Much for Me

Tired of trying to get ahead on many occasions and finding myself spinning my wheels, I knew it was time to get a second job. I decided to apply for a seasonal job, and if it worked out well, I would then apply for a full time position. I needed quick cash to get ahead, and I was willing to do it if it would work.

I knew that many retail chain stores hired people for the holidays, so that is where I began applying. I was asked for an interview and did well on the very first one that I was invited to. I was excited about the prospect of making more money, but not so excited about the long hours I would need to work every day between two separate jobs. I was already tired after 8 hours of work and two hours of commuting as it was.

After I started my new position, I found myself quickly tired out within only weeks. My home fell into disarray. I had next to no time for cleaning. I was struggling to keep my eyes open at night when my kids needed help with their homework, and I had a tough time getting out of bed each morning to take them to school. I so badly wanted this extra work to be a solution, but it was not working.

I started searching for another way to bring in money. I knew that the bank wouldn’t give me any money with a loan because I do not have worthwhile credit. I am simply too much of a risk to them. This is when I learned that there are companies that give you a secured loan on a short term basis that you can pay back. I went to visit one in person the very next morning, and they gave me the money that I needed. I immediately quit my second job.

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