Sensational Sights in the Condo

A short while ago, I was trying to find a condo to live in, but all of the best condos were being snatched up right form under my nose. I was using the local newspaper to find out about condo listings, but they were always gone before I could act on them, because everyone else was using the Internet to find condos. I tried using the Internet as well, but people were still getting the condos before me. Finally, I found, which gave me a leg up on the competition. I found a condo that I really liked and no one else had bought it yet.

After buying the condo, I moved in and had a gathering to celebrate my ownership of it. I invited many of my friends, including one that I was really interested in pursuing a relationship with at the time. I met her through another one of my friends and since then we’ve been getting closer, but I hadn’t sealed the deal at that point. With my own condo, I would have the perfect place for us to talk and get closer. I bought some fancy wine and cheeses from a local store for the occasion.

While the other guests talked amongst themselves, I pulled away the girl that I was interested in to a secluded corner. We started talking and laughing and she mentioned how much she liked my new condo. Not long after we began talking, we transitioned into a kiss, and at that moment, we both knew that we wanted to be together. After the party, the girl stayed over while all of the guests left. We got intimate throughout the rest of the night, and in the morning we cooked a little breakfast and watch the sun rise from the balcony.

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