Playing a Trivia App is More Fun Now

When my sister asked me to play Trivia Crack with her, I think she was surprised when I gave her a confused look. She thought I had it on my phone since everyone else has been playing it for a short while now. I am not the type of person to go gung ho over video games though, which is how I found out that this is a basic trivia game. I started playing it that day, and it was not long before I was looking up Trivia Crack more lives on my favorite search engine.

This surprised even me, because I rarely enjoy game apps, but this one was right up my alley. I have been a trivia buff ever since I was a little kid, and this app allowed me to showcase just how many bits and pieces of random info are in my head. The categories include modern stuff as well as things from the past, and include subjects such as science, geography, and even entertainment. Since I like trivia of any kind, this was perfect for me, and I wanted to play even more than the lives I was allotted at first.

It did not take me long to find a site that helps people like me. Instead of playing with a limited number of lives, I was able to get a new life whenever I wanted. I was also able to get answers this way too, but I was just interested in the lives. If there was something I didn’t know, I would rather research it on my own and find out the answer. I just love learning, which is why I was able to retain so many trivial facts in the first place. I am really glad that my sister told me about this game, because it provides a lot of entertainment for me!

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