Our Baby Could Not Tolerate Baby Formulas

Okay, this is funny and serious at the same time. The details up front are that we live on a dairy farm, and we now have a new baby who cannot tolerate formulas. She has to have human milk. The confounding factor is that I can only produce enough milk if I use a breast pump. I found a good one at besthospitalgradebreastpump.com. Now put yourself in my shoes. Ever since I have been a teenager I have worked on a dairy farm. Now being a married adult, I work our own dairy farm. Every morning we go out and hook up cows to milking machines. I never gave it a second thought as to what the cows might be thinking until I hooked up that hospital grade breast pump to myself.

Imagine my husband walking into the room early one morning after we, along with our employees, had just finished milking the cows. He sees me at the table with the shades drawn reading instructions and trying to hook up a breast pump. I could see the smile in his eyes that was holding back a laugh, but he was scared to say anything not knowing how I might respond. I told him to go ahead and let it out. He asked me if I was testing new equipment we are going to install in the barn. Okay, it was a little funny but just not delivered at the right time.

His joke was to ease the tension of making sure we had enough food to feed our baby even though our refrigerator and cupboards are packed full. We wanted her milk to come from me as much as possible. You can get human breast milk from donors, but your baby should be getting your particular bacteria and other things contained in your very own milk. We were not worried about it too much, but we did want to have a true hospital grade breast pump to help extract as much milk as possible from me while I was lactating. I do have to admit though, I no longer look at the contribution from our cows as just product.

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