My Brother is Going to Turn His Life Around

I knew that my brother did drugs, but I honestly did not think that it was crack cocaine. I thought he smoked joints now and again and had some beers with friends, but I discovered that his problems are so much worse than that. He knocked on my door at three in the morning about a month ago, begging me to help him. He was having hallucinations, and he was scared. He wanted me to find him a cocaine detox in Florida, and that is when I realized that his problems were a lot more severe than I thought.

I love my brother, and I would do anything for him, including getting him the help that he needs. He told me that he had been using cocaine for about a year. He had no intention of using anything other than marijuana, but he was pressured into trying crack cocaine at a party. He liked how it made him feel, and he wanted to keep feeling that new high that he got from it. Because of his many times using it, he had built up a resistance to it, which meant that he needed more of it to get the same feeling.

When he started hallucinating, he thought that someone had put something else in the cocaine because that had never happened to him. That is what scared him the most, knowing that this could happen again, and it could be something far worse than hallucinations. He self admitted into a drug rehab center, and the detox was hard and painful for him. It was worth it though, because it gave him the clarity he needed to focus on the next part of his treatment, which was the counseling sessions and learning how to live without drugs. He is still there, and I have a lot of faith in him that he is going to turn his life around now.

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