Is Coffee Bad for Your Health?

I have been thinking about this since I started trying to live a healthier style of life. My intent is to lose about ten or so pounds for starters and to get in the sort of shape that I would need to be if I decide to do more than that. I really am trying to figure out if coffee is good or bad for you. Of course there are a lot of people who argue both ways. Most of the stuff that is said about the benefits seem to revolve around cleaning out the system. That is going to be important for me obviously, especially if you consider that to be part of losing weight. In fact I drink a good bit of coffee in the course of my day. I get a big cup of coffee as soon as I am out of bed and if I am work I will drink at least three or four cups during the day. We have a coffee machine in the break room and it is free, so I will drink it all of the time. Obviously I am drinking it largely for the caffeine which is a fairly strong stimulant. The people who say that it is bad for you talk about this exactly. A stimulant is going to make your heart race for example and obviously a lot of people get nervous when they take caffeine and other stimulants. It is going to make you feel anxious and anxiety is a very serious issue for some people. I used to have problems with it on occasion when I was in school. That was often because I did not feel that I was prepared for a test that was really important. It is not an issue if I felt that I was ready though.

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