I Wanted to Use Quickbooks for My Company

I was never very good with numbers, which is why I always kept a calculator on my desk. You would think that being in business for yourself and not being so good with numbers is a recipe for disaster, but I always double and sometimes even triple checked anything that had to do with money, including invoices, taxes, paychecks, and other things like that. I finally made the switch to an accounting program after I called a Quickbooks customer service number to get some more information on the software. Business was getting busier, and I was losing too much time by being paranoid about whether I was doing the math right for various things.

I had resisted going this way only for one reason. I knew that it would be much easier for me, but I also thought that it would be too complicated for me. My parents are actually the ones who bought the software for me, knowing that something had to give. To be blunt about it, it intimidated me. I thought it would take a long time to learn how to use it, and time was already something that was very precious to me.

I called the customer service number because I decided that I could start with my personal banking on it, and then transition it to my small business once I got the hang of things. It was very simple to do with my personal banking though, because I was literally walked through every step right there on my computer screen. I wanted to see how easy it would be to handle business matters, and that is why I contacted the Quickbooks customer service number. They were able to help me with a few things, and I have been using Quickbooks for my personal banking as well as my company finances ever since. I have even more of that precious time back now!

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