I Wanted to Switch My Energy Provider

If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is a company that has poor customer service. I understand that companies are there to make money, but they cannot do that without customers. When they treat me bad, then I go elsewhere. That is why I wanted to find a new energy provider after I had two bad customer service experiences with my former company. I did give them another chance, but they failed to impress me a second time when I had to contact them. I asked my friend for the article source that helped her find the energy provider she is with because I remembered her telling me how impressed she was with all of the information that she was able to get on the different energy companies.

I know she is really happy with the company she chose, but I still wanted to look at all of the ones available to me before deciding which one was going to get my business. That is one of the nice things about the area that we are in. We are not regulated as far as energy is concerned, so we are able to select whichever company we want to provide us with energy.

I went to the site that she told me about, and I was able to read about different companies such as Reliant Energy, Ambient Energy, First Power Choice and every other company that services my area. I knew that I wasn’t going to look at the company that I was leaving, but I did look at every other one. While each had positive things going for them, there was one that really impressed me because of what they do to help the community that they service. I also liked the customer service reps that I talked to before switching over to them!

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