I Wanted a Way to Remind Myself of the Love I Have for My Mom

I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about getting a tatoo over the years, until my mother went through cancer treatment. There were many times that I feared that I would lose her at a relatively young age. I helped to care for and support her through all over it, and we came out of it together. That was when I decided that I wanted to look into Tibetan tattoos as an option. I felt that despite the scars that were created due to my mom’s situation, I wanted proof of it labeled on my body to remind me of the love that I felt for her. My mom was really surprised and happy when I told her I was thinking about getting tattooed! She had never given much thought about me doing something like that.

I’ve been close to my mom since I was a kid. My father bugged out and left mom when she was pregnant with me. I guess you could say he he left me as well, but considering that the man left without even caring to see me being born and getting to know me in the first place, I think that it was mom he really left. He means nothing to me. But mom doted on me all throughout childhood and she made sure that I had a good start in life and all the things I needed. I saw this early on and have always been really grateful for her love and support.

Helping my mom through cancer was the least that I could do for her. i didn’t want to lose her, and I know how scared she was. I ended up getting a tattoo that shows what I feel for her. I love that no one knows what it says unless they ask me about it. It starts a lot of really interesting conversations with strangers who then point out to me what their own tattooed statements mean, too.

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