I Wanted to Use Quickbooks for My Company

I was never very good with numbers, which is why I always kept a calculator on my desk. You would think that being in business for yourself and not being so good with numbers is a recipe for disaster, but I always double and sometimes even triple checked anything that had to do with money, including invoices, taxes, paychecks, and other things like that. I finally made the switch to an accounting program after I called a Quickbooks customer service number to get some more information on the software. Business was getting busier, and I was losing too much time by being paranoid about whether I was doing the math right for various things.

I had resisted going this way only for one reason. I knew that it would be much easier for me, but I also thought that it would be too complicated for me. My parents are actually the ones who bought the software for me, knowing that something had to give. Read more

I Wanted a Way to Remind Myself of the Love I Have for My Mom

I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about getting a tatoo over the years, until my mother went through cancer treatment. There were many times that I feared that I would lose her at a relatively young age. I helped to care for and support her through all over it, and we came out of it together. That was when I decided that I wanted to look into Tibetan tattoos as an option. I felt that despite the scars that were created due to my mom’s situation, I wanted proof of it labeled on my body to remind me of the love that I felt for her. My mom was really surprised and happy when I told her I was thinking about getting tattooed! She had never given much thought about me doing something like that.

I’ve been close to my mom since I was a kid. My father bugged out and left mom when she was pregnant with me. Read more

My Brother is Going to Turn His Life Around

I knew that my brother did drugs, but I honestly did not think that it was crack cocaine. I thought he smoked joints now and again and had some beers with friends, but I discovered that his problems are so much worse than that. He knocked on my door at three in the morning about a month ago, begging me to help him. He was having hallucinations, and he was scared. He wanted me to find him a cocaine detox in Florida, and that is when I realized that his problems were a lot more severe than I thought.

I love my brother, and I would do anything for him, including getting him the help that he needs. He told me that he had been using cocaine for about a year. He had no intention of using anything other than marijuana, but he was pressured into trying crack cocaine at a party. Read more

Bluetooth Smart Watch for a Phone

I have seen more and more people with smart watches that they are using with their phones, and at first, I resisted the urge to go out and get one. But now, I really want to get one, and I do not think that I can convince myself not to get one. So I am going to try to find pricing on bluetooth smart watch phone and see how much it would cost to get one of the top of the line models.

Of course, I am not really sure what the difference is, in terms of features and specs, between the cheapest smart watches out there, and the most expensive ones. Read more

A Great Christmas for My Son

When my son’s TV stopped working in July, I knew I could not buy him a new one just yet. I had priced them, and they were just too expensive for me. He told me that it was okay, because he would just watch his shows on his laptop. I knew he needed a new laptop too, and his understanding of our finances made me want to do everything I could to get him both things. I knew that there would be some Cyber Monday deals coming up within just a few months, so I set my sights on those.

I was able to find a website where I was allowed to sign up for email alerts. This will alert me when any of the stores that they monitor start listing their Cyber Monday sales. This is going to help me so much because I will be able to compare as each one comes in, and then I will be able to get the best buys on both a new television set as well as a new laptop for him. Read more

Asked Jane out to the Prom

I did not have much doubt about whether or not Jane was going to go to the prom with me. I know that she likes me and wants to be my girlfriend, but still it felt really good when she said yes. The thing that worried me was paying for all of the stuff that you need to pay for. My dad is not in a place where he can help me and my job does not pay too well. Right now me and a bunch of other guys are talking to a place that does prom party buses rental. We figure that if we get enough of us together, then when you to split the cost of the rental it is not going to be as painful. It is not going to be that simple, because you are going to be dealing with too many other people and you have to make sure that you are going to be able to get along with all of them. If just one of them is a jerk it can ruin the night. Read more

A Great Job Has Made Me Happy About Working Again

Knocking around all summer long doing nothing was really upsetting to my parents. I can admit that I was being incredibly lazy. My parents did not appreciate that at all. I finally ended up getting a job at Toronto Limo Bus Rental and it was a good move. I finally found something I was good at. I am a great driver and I really enjoy people. I will also admit that I did a lot of partying at night when I was living at home. So, it was nice to find a job where I could be around other people who are having a lot of fun.

I tried workign in an office and that did not work out so well. I had never been so bored in my life. I really do not know how people do that year after year. And I certainly do not have any idea how people sit in a cubicle for 20 years before retiring. I found myself looking at the clock all day after day. Hours would drag by. I was not into it. Read more

Reviews and Info on Shakeology

I really need to find a diet that is going to help me to lose weight and gain muscle. I do not want to gain so much muscle that I actually put on weight though, I just want to get rid of the fact and build up a bit of muscle as well. I am not really sure but I am going to check out http://www.topworkoutreviews.com/shakeology-review-breakdown-does-it-live-up-to-the-hype/ because it is a website for a shakeology review and I have heard a lot about that program and I think that it is about time that I think about giving it a shot.

I have tried a lot of things in the past, in my quest for fitness, but nothing has really worked, or nothing has really worked to the extent that I would have hoped. That is depressing to me, because I really want to be in better shape, and I do not know what it is going to take to make that happen.

But one day, I know that I am going to be in great shape. I have the motivation to keep trying, even if I face several more failures down the road. I just won’t give up on looking good and being in good shape. I was in good shape back in high school, but then I had a kid and then things kind of went downhill from there. But at some point, I realized that I could not keep living like this, and I tried to start making a change. I have made some progress since then, but not nearly enough for my tastes. So I will keep trying and keep trying new products to help me to lose weight and to get into better shape in general. I also want to switch up my workout routine in the near future.

Apartment Pricing in Las Vegas

I am going to move to Las Vegas in the Near future, because I was able to get a decent job offer there, and I had to take it up. I had been out of work too long to not take it up. It wasn’t not exactly the job I wanted, but I figure i’ll get some promotions fast. I am checking gout Alicante as a possible place to get an apartment in the city of Las Vegas. I have a friend that lives in the area, so I figured I would check it out, before starting a more general apartment search.

If I am lucky, then it will be the perfect place for me, and I will not have to keep looking for apartments. That does not seem very likely though, because I never have that type of lucky. Read more