Asked Jane out to the Prom

I did not have much doubt about whether or not Jane was going to go to the prom with me. I know that she likes me and wants to be my girlfriend, but still it felt really good when she said yes. The thing that worried me was paying for all of the stuff that you need to pay for. My dad is not in a place where he can help me and my job does not pay too well. Right now me and a bunch of other guys are talking to a place that does prom party buses rental. We figure that if we get enough of us together, then when you to split the cost of the rental it is not going to be as painful. It is not going to be that simple, because you are going to be dealing with too many other people and you have to make sure that you are going to be able to get along with all of them. If just one of them is a jerk it can ruin the night.

I am not sure that I really like the idea too much, even though I obviously can not afford to pay for a limo. Even the smallest of them, which are just like a luxury car, that is going to cost a couple hundred dollars per hour. That is way too much for me. I do not make that much in many weeks as my job is not that great. You just can not have a great job and go to high school at the same time. I have a car and I am not going to be drinking. I rarely have more than one or two beers, and I never do that when I am going to drive.

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