A Short Haircut Followed by a Hair Weave and then Back to the Haircut

Teenage girls can be hardheaded. Then when they mes something up, they get frantic about getting it fixed. I grew out of that stage, but it took me until our daughter was born to get there. Our girl had three months of summer vacation just like the other kids. I told her to get her hair cut at least four weeks before school started. This was in case she did not like the cut. She not only waited until two days before school started, she went to a different stylist than she normally does. I found myself buying curly weave hair bundles to get her a weave to get her hair looking like she wanted it before school started.

The new stylist talked to her about a shorter haircut. Our daughter agreed and then was devastated to see how she looked with really short hair. She said it was too much of a change between last year at school and the beginning of the new school year. She was worried about kids poking fun at her. I actually thought it looked great. I think the stylist really hit on a style that looks great on her. Of course, just like most teenagers, she is devastated. That’s actually a word she uses a lot. I am actually glad she does not know what real devastation is, so I do not mind making sure she got a curly weave before school started.

She looks good with the weave in. It looks just like her natural hair. She got through the first day of school just fine. Then a boy she likes asked her about seeing her in town the day she got her hair cut. He said he was positive she had this really cute short haircut. He said it really caught his attention. She honed in on “cute” and “attention” and that was all it took for the weaves to come out by the second day of school.

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