I Wanted a Way to Remind Myself of the Love I Have for My Mom

I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about getting a tatoo over the years, until my mother went through cancer treatment. There were many times that I feared that I would lose her at a relatively young age. I helped to care for and support her through all over it, and we came out of it together. That was when I decided that I wanted to look into Tibetan tattoos as an option. I felt that despite the scars that were created due to my mom’s situation, I wanted proof of it labeled on my body to remind me of the love that I felt for her. My mom was really surprised and happy when I told her I was thinking about getting tattooed! She had never given much thought about me doing something like that.

I’ve been close to my mom since I was a kid. My father bugged out and left mom when she was pregnant with me. Read more